"Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire" (2:201)


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Free Islamic Streaming Video Lectures:

Documentary Films Based on the Books of Harun Yahya
The Collapse of Evolution
  Various branches of science developed since the formulation of Darwinism have demonstrated that this theory is nothing but an imaginary scenario. This documentary examines this scientific collapse of Darwinism in three chapters:
1) The Origin of Life
2) Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution
3) The Fossil Record
Duration: 62 minutes
The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
  This documentary presents an aspect of the theory of evolution that has so far remained hidden.
It unveils the ideological links between Darwinism and the totalitarian ideologies like fascism and communism. You will see the fruits of Darwinism in the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin or Mao.
Duration: 58 minutes
The Miracle in the Cell
  In the one and a half centuries that have passed since Darwin’s day, giant steps have been taken in science and technology. Scientists discovered the structure of the cell. They saw with surprise that the cell has a system so complex as to have been unimaginable in Darwin’s time. This great documentary reveals this design in the cell with sophisticated computer graphics.
Duration: 45 minutes
The Fact of Creation
  When we examine the world of living beings, we encounter very amazing examples of “technology”. On the body of a tiny insect or on the surface of a plant are mind-boggling systems designed with great precision. All of these show that there is a perfect “design” in living beings. It is impossible for this design to be the product of “chance” as Darwin’s theory of evolution maintains. It is evident that these living beings are brought into being by a Creator Who has power over the entire nature.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Architects in Nature
  Honey bees, which make perfect hexagonal hives; beavers, which construct dams suited to fine engineering calculations; termites, which, although blind, build complex skyscrapers; weaver birds; paper wasps, which make multi-storied apartment blocks from paper; spiders, masters of , and thousands of other master architects in nature…
In this film, you will watch these amazing architects in nature feeling wonder at the characteristics God has inspired in these creatures.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Secret Beyond Matter
  Human beings are in contact with the universe only through their five senses. No one can reach the real “external world” by going beyond these senses.So, how can we know that this world is not different from what we perceive it to be?
This film invites you to ponder on ti's important question. When you watch this film, you will see how mistaken the materialist philosophy is when it denies God by assuming that matter is absolute.
This film is based on the book “Timelessness and the Reality of Fate” by Harun Yahya.
Duration: 25 minutes
The Splendour in the Seas
  Fish concealing themselves with wonderful methods of camouflage…
False eyes on fishes' fins which astound their enemies…
Intelligent prawns which use their fists against their enemies…
Or electric fish which offer serious difficulty for Darwin's theory…
This film opens to you the door of the underwater world.
Once again, you will be amazed at God's art of creation.
Duration: 45 minutes
Miracles of the Qur'an
  The unique style of the Qur’an, which was revealed 14 centuries ago, and the superior wisdom it represents are definite proof that it is the word of Allah.
Additionally, the Qur’an has many miraculous aspects which prove that it is sent by Allah. One of them is that some scientific facts, which we have only been able to discover by the technology of the 20th century, were stated in the Qur’an 1400 years ago.
These facts which could not have been known at the time of the Qur’an’s revelation once again show to the man of today that the Qur’an is the word of Allah.
Duration: 65 minutes

Misc. Islamic Videos:

Qur'an & Modern Science (Q&A) (123 min)

Qur'an & Modern Science by Dr. Zakir Naik (Lecture) (83 min)

The Qur'an and Space Sciences (38 min, 39 sec)

Hajj and Mu'tamer Guidance (37 min)
Recorded via Saudi TV on Dhul Hijjah, 1421 AH [March, 2001]

Makkah Development (54 min) Jafry Communications

Madinah Development (55 min) Jafry Communications

Hajj: Salat Eid-ul Adha held in Makkah (48 min)
Recorded via Saudi TV on 10 Dhul Hijjah, 1421 AH [March 5, 2001]

Hajj: Takbir Before Salat Eid-ul Adha in Makkah (9 min)
Recorded via Saudi TV on 10 Dhul Hijjah, 1421 AH [March 5, 2001]

Hajj: Salat Zuhr & Asr held in Arafat (29 min)
Recorded via Saudi TV on 9 Dhul Hijjah, 1421 AH [March 4, 2001]

Dimensions of Hajj (19 min)
(Shaikh Sa'adullah Khan talks about the dimensions of Hajj, a production of IslamiCity)

A Visual Guide to Hajj and Umrah (12 min)
(A Production of Jafry Communications Toronto, Canada)

Hajj: Eid Al-Adha at Masjid Al-Haram (58 min)
Recorded via Saudi TV on 10 Dhul Hijjah, 1420 AH [March 16, 2000]

Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam (58 min)
(Produced by Islamic Information Service, see
Channel 24)

Guide to Performing Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah) (89 Minutes)
(Produced by The Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia - Distributed by World Assembly of Muslim Youth)

Prayers During Hajj - 1417 AH (1997)
CNN's Coverage via Saudi TV - requires QuickTime
Small Frame | Large Frame

Hajj Special Report: Pilgrimage To Mecca (48 Minutes) (Produced by CNN News)

Program Hajj: One Americans Pilgrimage To Mecca
(Produced by ABC News Nightline)

Muhammad (S) The Prophet of Allah(21 min)
This film seeks support for a very special Muslim television project: a four hour documentary series for mainstream American television, presenting the life and times of prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Luces Sobre Islam (16 min)
(Extracts from upcoming documentary on Islam for the Spanish speaking audience.)

Islamic Finance (2 min) (Produced by ABC News)

The Orphan Masjids of Kosova (34 min) (Produced by Albanian Islamic Cultural Center)

KSA - 100 Years of Establishment (17 min)
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - 100 Years of Establishment 1319-1419)

Economics Order (42 min)
(Produced by IBTS, PO Box 5153, Long Island City, NY 11105 -Tel:800-337-4287)

Preservation of the Holy Quran (46 min)
(Produced by IBTS, PO Box 5153, Long Island City, NY 11105 -Tel:800-337-4287)

Islam Slavery and The African by Imam Addullah Quick (47 min)
(Order Info: IPCI c/o Salih Fatima, 45-12  30 Ave. # 1R, Astroria, NY 11103, USA, Tel. (718) 721-5706, email:

Understanding Major Religions: Islam (44 min)
(Produced by KLCS/TV Channel 58, Los Angeles, 1997, Interview with Dr. Yahia Abdulrahman

A Remarkable Journey - Hakim Alajuan & Muhammad Ali (24 min) (Produced by HBO Sports)

The making of The Life of the Last Prophet (31 min)
(Produced by Mountain of Light Production, PO Box 7404, London N7 8JQ, UK)

Islam In America (52 min)
(Produced by Christian Science Monitor, PO Box 1875, Boston, MA 02117)

Choosing Islam (57 min)
(Produced by Sound Vision, 843 West VanBuren Suite 411, Chicago, IL 60607-Tel:800-432-4262)

Spanish Muslims (1 Hour, 46 min)
(Produced by IBTS, PO Box 5153, Long Island City, NY 11105 -Tel:800-337-4287)

The Dome of the Rock (1 Hour, 24 min)
(Produced by IBTS, PO Box 5153, Long Island City, NY 11105 -Tel:800-337-4287)

Your American Muslim Neighbors (5 min, 16 sec)
(Produced by Islamic Media Foundation, PO Box 51545, Indianapolis, IN 46251 - PSA Series, 1997 Demo)

Islam in America - News Segment (2 min, 32 sec)
(Produced by CBS Evening News - January 25, 1998)

Timeless Time (29 min)

1998 Islamic Convention

1999 Islamic Convention

Ahmed Deedat - Debates

Dr. Israr Ahmed - Bayan Ul Quran

ICNA 2001 Conference

ICNA 2002 Conference

ICNA Seerah 2002 Conference

ISNA 1995 Conference

ISNA 1999 Conference

ISNA 2000 Conference

ISNA 2001 Conference

ISNA Convention - Annual Economics on Zakah Forum

ISNA Convention - Islam - Enduring Values for Daily Life

ISNA Convention 2000 - Community Development Conference

ISNA Convention 2002 - Community Development Conference

ISNA Convention 2002 - Grant Writing and Program Development

ISNA Convention 2002 - Peace and Justice

Jamal Badawi - Debates

Khalid Al Mansour

Maya 1999 Conference

Maya 2000 Conference

Misc Lectures

Mokhtar Maghraoui

MPAC 2002 Conference

Saddalla Khan

Shabir Ally

Tahir ul Qadri

Zakir Naik - Debates


Video Quran Recitation:

Dr Ahmad Sakr Quran Tafsir (Explanation)

Quran Urdu Video - Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi

Quran Video - Abd Al Basit Abd As Samad

Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah

Audio Quran Recitation:

 By Shiekh:

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

(1) Al-Fatiha

(2) Al-Baqara (Part 1)

(2) Al-Baqara (Part 2)

(3) Al-Imran

(4) An-Nisa

(5) Al-Ma'idah

(6) Al-An'am

(7) Al-A'raf

(8) Al-Anfal

(9) At-Tauba

(10) Yunus

(11) Hud

(12) Yusuf

(13) Ar-Ra'd

(14) Ibrahim

(15) Al-Hijr

(16) An-Nahl

(17) Al-Isra

(18) Al-Kahf

(19) Maryam

(20) Ta-Ha

(21) Al-Anbiya

(22) Al-Hajj

(23) Al-Mu'minun

(24) Al-Nour

(25) Al-Furqan

(26) Ash-Shu'ara

(27) An-Naml

(28) Al-Qasas

(29) Al-'Ankabut

(30) Ar-Rum

(31) Luqman

(32) As-Sajdah

(33) Al-Ahzab

(34) Saba'

(35) Fatir

(36) Ya-Sin

(37) As-Saffat

(38) Suad

(39) Az-Zumar

(40) Ghafir

(41) Fussilat

(42) Ash-Shura

(43) Az-Zukhruf

(44) Ad-Dukhan

(45) Al-Jathiya

(46) Al-Ahqaf

(47) Muhammad

(48) Al-Fath

(49) Al-Hujurat

(50) Qaf

(51) Az-Zariyat

(52) At-Tur

(53) An-Najm

(54) Al-Qamar

(55) Ar-Rahman

(56) Al-Waqi'a

(57) Al-Hadid

(58-61) Al-Mujadilah --

-- As-Saff

(62) Al-Jumu'ah

(63) Al-Munafiqun

(64) At-Taghabun

(65) At-Talaq

(66) At-Tahrem

(67) Al-Mulk

(68) Al-Qalam

(69) Al-Haqqah

(70) Al-Ma'arig

(71) Nuh

(72) Al-Jinn

(73) Al-Muzzammil

(74) Al-Muddaththir

(75) Al-Qiyamah

(76) Al-Insan

(77) Al-Mursalat

(78-80) Annabaa



(81-87) At-Takwir --


(88-114) Al-Gashiyah --


Du'a Al-Qur'an


Audio - Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Qur'an

Arabic Recitation by : Shakir Qasimi

English Translation of the meaning: Aslam Azhar

Sura Name No Listen Save Size
Surat Al-Fatiha 1 1 1 86 Kb
Surat Al-Baqarah 2 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 14.1 Mb
Surat Aali-Imran 3 1  2  3 1  2  3 8.32 Mb
Surat Qaaf 50 1 1 9.14 Kb
Surat Al-Inshiqaq 84 1 1 241 Kb
Surat Al-Buruj 85 1 1 263 Kb
Surat At-Tariq 86 1 1 162 Kb
Surat Al-A'la 87 1 1 170 Kb
Surat Al-Ghasheya 88 1 1 218 Kb
Surat Al-Fajr 89 1 1 328 Kb
Surat Al-Balad 90 1 1 186 Kb
Surat As-Shams 91 1 1 640 Kb
Surat Ad-Duha 93 1 1 209 Kb
Surat As-Sharh 94 1 1 122 Kb
Surat At-Teen 95 1 1 157 Kb

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Misc Nasheeds:

  • Athan in Real Audio - the Muslim Call to prayer  [download] - Recitor: Hafiz Hussein Erek
  • Dua by Muhammad Jibreel  [download] - Beautiful prayer in witr after completion of the Quran on the last day of Ramadan.
  • Dua in MP3 by Ghamdi 7megs  [Translation]
  • Nasheed from a Turkish tape  [download]
  • Nasheed Nabiun Nabiun [download] - Singing only by Umm Habiba in real audio its awesome.....
  • Shuhadaa at Fajr  [download] - Song about martyrs killed in Palestine in a mosque while praying fajr.
  • Talal Badru 'Alayna  [download] - Cool version from a Turkish tape
  • Talal Badru 'Alayna  [download] - Version from Yusuf Islam
  • God is the Light  [download] - From Yusuf Islam
  • Medina  [download] - Urdu naat on desiring to visit Medina.
  •  Ghurabaa` - by Sa’ad al-Ghaamidi

    ·        A Qaseedah sung by a veteran of Bosnian Jihaad in Madeenah, dedicated to some of the most beloved brothers of Kateebatul-Mujaahideen (the unit of the Mujahideen in Bosnia) including Sheikh Anwar Sha’baan, Abu Thaabit al-Muhaajir, al-Mu’tazzu bilLah, Abu Mu’aadh al-Kuwaitee and others, may Allah have mercy upon them all – A real heart softener – Must listen! (Arabic).

    ·        Qawaafilush-Shuhadaa` (Caravans of Martyrs)  #2 by Abu Usaid al-Madani! (Abuz-Zubair’s brother) Side A – Side B.

    ·         Abu Usaid al-Madani, singing Anaasheed with a group of brothers Mujaahideen in Bosnia. Please mind the quality of the audio, as the tape from which it was recorded, has indeed been through the worst of the scenarios, over the mountains, through the forests, as well as some dodgy cassette players. Nevertheless, this recording is 101 times better than any other studio recorded Nasheed, as it preserved the most precious moments of the lives of our brothers Mujaahideen, filled with the memories of Jihaad, brotherhood and sacrifice.


    Listen to these Naat's Online


     Ye kis shanshah-e-waala ki
     Aasiyoon ko dar tumhara mil gaya
    Do sadka e deedaar

    Fahe kya yodo

     Hakiekat mein
     Hamko apni talab se
     Kaash qumbad-e-khazra
     Karam jo aap ka
     Lamyati naziero kafie na
     Madin-e-ke wali do aalam ke daata
     Mahboob ki maifhiel ko
     Mein madeenay chala
     Pul se utaaro rah gulzar ko khaber na ho
     Qasida burda sharif
     Roza-e-athar ka arman
     Sab se aula-o-aala
     Shaire gulshan ko
     Tum sham-e-resalat hai
    Zahe muqqadar

    Listen to the 99 names of Allah



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    25.11 MB
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    8.99 MB
    9.33 MB
    3.04 MB
    6.43 MB
    34.94 MB
    8.35 MB
    8.49 MB
    5.81 MB
    5.70 MB
    7.79 MB
    1.31 MB
    4.10 MB
    4.21 MB
    10.95 MB
    7.05 MB
    13.14 MB
    9.98 MB
    2.87 MB
    10.41 MB
    10.37 MB
    10.18 MB
    11.82 MB

    Video Documentaries:

    Construction Of Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid-e-Nabawi (Urdu)

    Hajj, Mecca and Madina

    Harun Yahya

    Harun Yahya - Arabic

    Harun Yahya - Deutsch

    Harun Yahya - French

    Misc Documentaries

    Mwarka Badr-ul-Bosnia (Bosnian War)

    Shohadayay Bosnia (Martyrs of Bosnia)

    Shohadayay Sheshan (Martyrs of Chechniya)

    Video Misc:


    Free Islamic Streaming Audio:

    40 Hadith An-Nawi with Explanation

    Audio Duas

    Hajj and Umrah Guide (Urdu)

    Misc Duaien Urdu

    Audio Quran Recitations

    Quran - Abdul Aziz AlAhmed

    Quran - Abdul Aziz Nada

    Quran - Abdul Badeia Abu Hashem

    Quran - Abdul Bari with ENGLISH Translation

    Quran - Abdul Bary Al-Thobaity

    Quran - Abdul Bary Mohammad

    Quran - Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

    Quran - Abdul Basit Abdul Samad (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Abdul Basit Abdul Samad (Tajweed)

    Quran - Abdul Basit Abdul Samad with URDU translation

    Quran - Abdul Fattah Shashaey

    Quran - Abdul Hadi Kanakari

    Quran - Abdul Hakeem Al-Usaimi

    Quran - Abdul Hameed Mahmood

    Quran - Abdul Karim Ad-Diwan

    Quran - Abdul Khaliq Ali

    Quran - Abdul Mohsen Alqasem

    Quran - Abdul Muhsen Al-Harthy

    Quran - Abdul Muhsen Al-Qasem & Thobaity

    Quran - Abdul Munem Abdul Mobdi

    Quran - Abdul Qadir Abdullah

    Quran - Abdul Rahman Abdul Khaliq

    Quran - Abdul Rahman Al-Hawwal

    Quran - Abdul Rahman Alsudais

    Quran - Abdul Wadood Haneef

    Quran - Abdul Wahhab AlTantawy

    Quran - Abdul Wahid Al-Maghribi

    Quran - Abdullah Al-Battaah

    Quran - Abdullah Al-Buraimy

    Quran - Abdullah Al-johany

    Quran - Abdullah Al-Khelaify

    Quran - Abdullah Al-Matrood

    Quran - Abdullah Al-Rifaey

    Quran - Abdullah Awad Al-Juhani

    Quran - Abdullah Basfar

    Quran - Abdullah Basfar (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Abdullah Buqian

    Quran - Abdullah 'Isam

    Quran - Abdullah Khayyat

    Quran - Abdur-Raheem Noor

    Quran - Abdur-Rasheed Sufi

    Quran - Abdus-Salam Al-hamdan

    Quran - Abdus-Salam Al-Yahya

    Quran - Abu Abdillah

    Quran - Abu Hajar Al-Iraqi

    Quran - Abu Huthaifa Almakki

    Quran - AbuBaker Shatree

    Quran - Abul Wafa Al-Saeedy

    Quran - Abul-Ainain Shu aisha (Mujawwid)

    Quran - Adel Rayyan

    Quran - Adil Ar-Rubban

    Quran - Adil As-Snaid

    Quran - Adil Kalbani

    Quran - Adnan Banafi'

    Quran - Ahmad Abdul-Ghaffar Bahbah

    Quran - Ahmad Ad-Deeb (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Ahmad Al-Imran

    Quran - Ahmad Al-Qadhi

    Quran - Ahmad Ash-Shawi

    Quran - Ahmad Az-Zuraiqi (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Ahmad Khalil Shaheen

    Quran - Ahmad Sameer Sharara

    Quran - Ahmed Abozed

    Quran - Ahmed Ajmi

    Quran - Ahmed al-Trabulsy

    Quran - Ahmed As-Shami

    Quran - Ahmed Ibrahim

    Quran - Ahmed Noane

    Quran - Ahmed Sameer

    Quran - AlAyon Koshe

    Quran - AlDokaly Mohammed alAlem

    Quran - AlDokaly Mohammed alAlem (Qaloon)

    Quran - Ali Abdullah Jabir

    Quran - Ali AbdurRehman Huthayfe

    Quran - Ali Al-Ashban

    Quran - Ali Al-Hothaify (Qaloon)

    Quran - Ali As-Sadoon

    Quran - Ali As-Sudais

    Quran - Ali As-Suwaisi

    Quran - Ali Az-Zahrani

    Quran - Ali Bin Jaber

    Quran - Ali Hajjaj Al Suwaisy

    Quran - Ali Saleh Al-Balloushy

    Quran - Al-Uyoon Al-Kushi

    Quran - Ameen Abdul Hameed

    Quran - Amin Barbid

    Quran - Anwar al Sabban

    Quran - Asem Al Maghribi

    Quran - Ashraf Al Basyony

    Quran - As-Saayed Mitwalli (Mujawwad)

    Quran - As-Sayyid As-Sadali

    Quran - Ayman Mursy

    Quran - Eesa Al-Ajmi

    Quran - Fahd al-Badry

    Quran - Fahd al-Ghurab

    Quran - Fahd al-Kundury

    Quran - Fahd Saqr Al-Hilal

    Quran - Faisal Abdul-Rahman al-Shiddy

    Quran - Faisal Al-Hmayd

    Quran - Faisal Al-Hulaiby

    Quran - Faisal Al-Khalaqi

    Quran - Ghassan Abu Khadrah

    Quran - Haitham Usta

    Quran - Haney Rafaee

    Quran - Hasan Ghalib

    Quran - Hazza Al-Masory

    Quran - Hosain Al-Alshaikh

    Quran - Ibrahim Abdullah Almarzouqy

    Quran - Ibrahim Akhder

    Quran - Ibrahim AlJibreen

    Quran - Ibrahim Asery

    Quran - Ibrahim Ash-Shi'sha'i (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Ibrahim As-Sadan

    Quran - Ibrahim Kaddaf

    Quran - Ilias Ahmad

    Quran - Ismael al-Shiekh

    Quran - JD Hall - English Translation of the Quran

    Quran - Khaldoon Ath-Theeb

    Quran - Khaled Al Majed

    Quran - Khaled al-Muhanna

    Quran - Khalid Abdul-Kafi

    Quran - Khalid Abdul-Latif

    Quran - Khalid Ad-Darraj

    Quran - Khalid Al-Hammoodi

    Quran - Khalid An-Nahaari

    Quran - Khalid Ar-rumaih

    Quran - Khalid Ash-Shraidah

    Quran - Khalid Qahtani

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    Quran - Lafy Alouny

    Quran - Lutfullah Hatim

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    Quran - Maher al-Mueaqly

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    Quran - Mahmoud AlBanna

    Quran - Mahmoud al-Hosary

    Quran - Mahmoud Alhosary (Dury)

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    Quran - Mohammad Farouk Mansy

    Quran - Mohammad Hasssan

    Quran - Mohammad Husary

    Quran - Mohammad Ibrahim Shalaan

    Quran - Mohammad Jebreel

    Quran - Mohammad Jebreen

    Quran - Mohammad Khaleel Husary

    Quran - Mohammad Mohasni

    Quran - Mohammad Saleh AboZead

    Quran - Mohammed Abo Sunaina (Qaloon)

    Quran - Mohammed Nizar bin Marwan

    Quran - Mohammed Rifat

    Quran - Mohammed Siddiq Al Minshawy

    Quran - Mosa Hasan Meyan

    Quran - Mosaed Alsayegh

    Quran - Muhammad Abdulkareem

    Quran - Muhammad AbdulKareem-Bezzy

    Quran - Muhammad Al-Barrak

    Quran - Muhammad al-Majed

    Quran - Muhammad Al-Minshawi

    Quran - Muhammad Al-Minshawi (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Muhammad Almunajjed

    Quran - Muhammad al-Tablawy

    Quran - Muhammad al-Tayyeb Hamdan

    Quran - Muhammad Alubaid

    Quran - Muhammad Jibreel

    Quran - Muhammad Yusuf

    Quran - Muhammed al-Imam

    Quran - Muhammed Fallata

    Quran - Muhammed Ismael

    Quran - Mustafa Gharby (Warsh)

    Quran - Mustafa Ismael

    Quran - Naisr Al-Ubaid

    Quran - Nasir Al-Qatami

    Quran - Nasser Alghamdee

    Quran - Nour el-Deen Ahmed

    Quran - Prophet's Mosque (4 reciters)

    Quran - Qadry Muhammad (rewayat albizzy)

    Quran - Qadry Muhammad (rewayat shu'ba)

    Quran - Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi with ENGLISH translation(CD Quality)

    Quran - Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi with ENGLISH translation(Smaller Size)

    Quran - Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi with URDU Translation(Small Size) translation

    Quran - Qassim Al-Maliki (Murratal)

    Quran - Qays Hael & Hasan Qaree

    Quran - Radi Ibrahim As-Said

    Quran - Raghib Mustafa Ghalwash (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Ramadan al-Sabbagh

    Quran - Ricitation from al-Masjid al-Nabawy

    Quran - Saad Ghamdi

    Quran - Saad Hasan

    Quran - Saber Abdul-Hakam

    Quran - Sad Al-Braik

    Quran - Saeed Ad-Dahmoosh

    Quran - Saeed Karaamah

    Quran - Saeed Shalan

    Quran - Sahl Yassin

    Quran - Said Saeed

    Quran - Salah Al-Budair

    Quran - Salah Alrashed

    Quran - Salah al-Zayyat

    Quran - Salah Bo Khater

    Quran - Salah Rashed

    Quran - Saleh Al-Habdan

    Quran - Saleh Almukayteep

    Quran - Salem Abdul-Jaleel

    Quran - Salih Ash-Shamrani

    Quran - Samir Al-Maliki

    Quran - Saod Shureem

    Quran - Sayyed Jomah

    Quran - Shaaban ElSayiad

    Quran - Shady Sayyed Ahmad

    Quran - Shaikh Huthaify with BANGLAY Translation

    Quran - Sheikh Abdur Rehman Sudais and Saood Shuraim

    Quran - Sheikh Abdur Rehman Sudais and Saood Shuraim with URDU translation(CD Quality)

    Quran - Sheikh Abdur Rehman Sudais and Saood Shuraim with URDU translation(Smaller Size)

    Quran - Sheikh Tablawi

    Quran - Shihata Al-Hilali

    Quran - Sirajud-Deen Sulaiman

    Quran - Solayman Alhamad Aloda

    Quran - Taha Al-Fashni (Mujawwad)

    Quran - Talal Al-Matar

    Quran - Talha Bin Abdil-Muttalib

    Quran - Talha Mohammed Tawfeeq

    Quran - Tareq Alhawwas

    Quran - Tareq Ibrahim

    Quran - Tariq Al-Hussain

    Quran - Tawfeeq Alsayegh

    Quran - Tawfiq As-Sayegh

    Quran - Teaching Quran for Children

    Quran - Umar Al-Maghribi

    Quran - Usama al-safi

    Quran - Usama Khayyat

    Quran - Usamah Fakhri

    Quran - Uthman Siddiqi

    Quran - Various Recitors

    Quran - Waleed Aldleemy

    Quran - Waleed al-Maged

    Quran - Waleed Idrees (Alsousy)

    Quran - Waleed Idrees (Khalaf)

    Quran - Waleed Seedan

    Quran - Yahya Abu Karam

    Quran - Yahya Al-Jahrani

    Quran - Yahya Alyahya

    Quran - Yahya Hawbani

    Quran - Yaseen Darweesh

    Quran - Yasser al-Dosary

    Quran - Yasser Sabry

    Quran - Yasser Salamah

    Quran - Yasser Seyry

    Quran - Yousuf Alshweey

    Quran - Yusuf Al-Haqqas

    Quran - Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

    Quran - Zaki daghistani

    Quran - Zeyad

    Lectures by Muslim Scholars:

    A Aziz Chishti

    Aamir Nazi

    Abdul Hafeez Faislabadi

    Abdul Hakeem Quick

    Abdul Hakim Murad

    Abdul Haleem

    Abdul Hameed

    Abdul Khaliq Madni

    Abdul Latif

    Abdul Majeed Alee

    Abdul Majeed Nadeem

    Abdul Mannan

    Abdul Rahman Dimashkiyah

    Abdul Rahman Shaheen

    Abdul Salaam Madani

    Abdul Waheed

    Abdullah Adhami

    Abdullah Naasir Rehmani

    Abdurahim Green

    Abdur-Rehman Sheikhpuri

    Abdus Sattar

    Abu Muntasir

    Abu Muslimah

    Abu Usammah

    Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

    Ahmad Jibril

    Ahmed Daahir Aweys

    Ahmed Deedat

    Ahmed Laat

    Ahmed Palanpuri

    Aisha Begum

    Ali at-Timimi

    Allama Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer

    Allama Ibn Baaz

    Amina Elahi

    Anwar Al-Awlaki

    Ataa Allah Daerwi

    Ateeq ur-Rehman

    Aurangzeb Sahib

    Badieuddeen Rashdi

    Bilal Phillips

    Dawood Adib


    Farhat Hashmi


    Hafiz Hamidullah

    Hafiz Imam-ud-Din

    Hakeem Akhtar Barkatuhum

    Hakeem Akhter

    Hamza Yusuf

    Harun Yahya

    Husain Abdul Sattar

    Ihsan Elahi Zaheer

    Imam Juban

    Irshad Channa

    Israr Ahmed

    Jafar Idriss

    Jamal Badawi

    Jamal ud Din Zarabozo


    Khalid Yaseen

    Makki Al-Hijazi

    Mamdouh Mohamed

    Mannan Nadwi

    Maqsood ul Hasan

    Maqsoud Affifi

    Masood Azhar

    Meraj Rabbani

    Mir Ilyas Ali Qasmi

    Miraj Rabbani

    Moataz Al-Hallak

    Mohammed Saeed Khan

    Molana Ahmed

    Molana Saad

    Mubarak Shekhupuri

    Mufti Nizam ud Din Shamzayi

    Muhammad Al-Shareef

    Muhammad Asif

    Muhammad Ishtiaq

    Muhammad Jarjees

    Muhammad Masood Azhar

    Muhammad Yusuf Islahi

    Muhammed Musa Nasr

    Muhammed Najeeb

    Nadir Ahmed

    Nawal ur Rahman


    Other Lectures

    Paul Findley

    Rafil Dhafir

    Ridhwan Saleh

    Sadiq Shah

    Safi-ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri

    Saled El Saleh

    Saleem Al-Hilali

    Salim Al-Amry

    Sanaaullah Madni

    Shabir Ally

    Shahid Ali

    Sheikh Fazal

    Sheikh Muhammad

    Siraj Wahaj

    Sohaib Hasan

    Steve Johnson

    Syed Masood Ahmad

    Syed Nadeem Yusuf

    Tahir ul Qadri

    Taqi Usmani

    Tariq Jamil

    Tausif ur Rahman

    Umer Palan Pure

    Usama Al-Qousi

    Wajdi al-Ghazzawi

    Waleed Basyouni

    Waseem Fathalla

    Yahya Abdul Rahman

    Yahya Ibrahim

    Yusuf Estes

    Yusuf Islam

    Zafar-ul-Hassan Madni


    Zakir Naik

    Zubair Alee Zae

    Zulfiqar Ahmad


    Audio Naats and Nasheeds

    Arabic Nasheed Collection 1

    Arabic Nasheed Collection 2


    Hadiya-E-Naat Vol1

    Hadiya-E-Naat Vol2

    Islamic Chants and Madih

    Islamic Collection 1

    Madinay Ka Safar


    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol2

    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol3

    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol4

    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol5

    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol6

    Sarwar-E-Konein Vol7


    Audio Lectures

    Representations Based on the Books of Harun Yahya
    Select the Audio Representations Listen on-line
    with Real Player
    Download as a MP3 file to your disk
    The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      While science disproves the theory of evolution, it also reveals the true origin of life: Creation. Research carried out in the 140 years since Darwin reveals that living things did not come into being through an evolutionary process, but are created by God.
    Miracles Of The Qur'an
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      The Qur'an has many miraculous attributes proving that it is a revelation from God. In this audio, you will find a concise and clear account of all the scientific facts of the Qur'an, revealed at a time when no human being was aware of them.
    The Miracle In The Cell
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      The bodies of all living beings are made up of cells a hundredth of a millimeter in size. These tiny organisms are much more complex than any machine that we ever know. This irreducible complexity of the cell shatters the Darwinist myth and proves the fact of creation.
    The Miracle Of Birth
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      A single living cell in the mother's womb gives rise to a human being with all his complex systems after a nine-month adventure. Every stage of the miracle of birth shows that this occurrence is a sign of creation.
    The Miracle In The Eye
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      Charles Darwin confessed that the design of the eye "made him cold all over". The reason is the astonishing perfection and delicacy of this organ, which refutes any theory that tries to deny creation. Learn about the features of your eyes and the wisdom of their Creator.
    The Miracle In The Ear
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 2
      Your ears are much more sophisticated than any other microphone produced by modern technology. Every single voice you hear, come to you through an intricate system of an amazing design. Listen about the miracle that makes you hear.

    More Audio Lectures:

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    Yahya Adel Ibrahim
    Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
    Dr. Ja`far Sheikh Idris
    Ali Al-Timimi
    Shaykh Abdul Rahman Dimashkiyah
    Salim A. Morgan
    Muhammad Syed Adly
    Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
    Ahmed Kobeisy
    Riaz Ansary
    Ammar Amonette
    Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo
    Shabir Ally
    Other speakers or groups of speakers

    Al-Jihad: Why are We a Defeated Ummah?
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Be People Who Purify Their Tongues
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Before the Boat Drowns
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    Benefits of Itikaf in the Last 10 Days of Ramadan
    » Sh. Aamir Nazir «




    By Any Means Necessary
    » Malik Shabaaz (Malcolm X) «




    Changing the Perception of Reality
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Clarity Amidst Confusion 1 of 2
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Clarity Amidst Confusion 2 of 2
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Consistency in Actions
    » Husain Abdul Sattar «




    Curing the Heart
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Day We Lost Our Masjid
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    Feminine Men & Masculine Women New
    » Siraj Wahhaj «




    Food for Thought
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Go Not Near Zina New
    » Siraj Wahhaj «




    Hajj: Journey to the House of God
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Hold the Tongue
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    How to be a Good Muslim Spouse
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    I'm Not Lying, I'm Only Joking
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    Isra and Miraj
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Keeping Good Company
    » Husain Abdul Sattar «




    Life and Character of the Prophet (saw)
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    NPR's Talk of the Nation March 21, 2001
    » Taliban's Roving Ambassador, Sayyid Rahmatullah Hashemi, is guest... «




    Power of the Jewish Lobby in the US 1 of 2
    » Paul Findley (ex-Congressman of the US) «




    Power of the Jewish Lobby in the US 2 of 2
    » Paul Findley (ex-Congressman of the US) «




    Prophet Muhammad: the Best of Creation
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Recognizing the Times
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    Sabr or Shukr, the Worry Stops Here
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    Signs of the Last Days - 1 of 2
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Signs of the Last Days - 2 of 2
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    The Station of Witnessing
    » Husain Abdul Sattar «




    The Women Behind the Men
    » Shaikh Zulfiqar Ahmad «




    Understanding the Effects of Sin
    » Husain Abdul Sattar «




    Wake Up Before You Die
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    What are We Doing Here?
    » Hamza Yusuf «




    Who are the Real Terrorists? (Part 1)
    » Siraj Wahhaj «




    Who are the Real Terrorists? (Part 2)
    » Siraj Wahhaj «




    World's Bravest People
    » Muhammad Alshareef «




    You Can't Hate the Roots of a Tree and Not Hate the Tree
    » Malik Shabaaz (Malcolm X) «










    .  .
    What Is The Purpose Of Life?  (Khalid Yaseen)               Part  2


    92A  Min
    The True Religion Of God!  (Bilal Philips)                        Part  2


    91A  Min
    Why Should You Be A Muslim?  (Dawood Adib)              Part  2


    88A  Min
    What Is the Reason of Creation?  (Abdurahim Green)     Part  2


    57A  Min
    Do People Need Religion?  (Abdullah Hakim Quick)


    43A  Min
    Islam In America . 3V  Min
    Preservation Of The Holy Quran . 47V  Min
    Islam! The Future Of Mankind! - (Yusuf  Islam, Aka Cat Stevens) . 47A  Min
    Understanding Major Religions: Islam! .. 44V  Min
    Choosing Islam! . 57V  Min
    Books Of God! The Almighty  (Jamal  Badawi) . 30A  Min
    The Testimony Of Faith!  (Jamal Badawi) . 30A  Min




    Is The Bible God's Word - (Ahmed Deedat) . 86A  Min
    The Real Message Of Jesus(P.B.U.H)   (Bilal Philips)  Part  2


    60A  Min
    Christ In Islam - (Ahmed Deedat)                                   Part 2     Part  3 . 115A Min
    Crucification: Fact Or Fiction - (Ahmed Deedat) . 85A  Min
    Islam compared with Hinduism  (Ahmeed Deedat)         Part 2 


    92A  Min
    The True Religion Of God! - (Bilal Philips)                     Part 2


    61A  Min
    Science & Religion  (Bilal Philips)                                   Part 2 


    92A  Min
    Jesus (P.B.U.H) In Islam  (Jamal Badawi) . 30A  Min




    The Quran And Space . 38V  Min
    The Wonders Of Islamic Science - (Abdullah Ahkim Quick) . 25A  Min
    Quran & Modern Science (Zakir  Naik)                      Part 2         Video


    83A  Min
    Quran & Modern Science (Zakir Naik) Questions/Answers  . 123V Min
    Science & Religion  (Bilal Philips)                               Part 2 


    92A  Min
    Introduction To Quranic Sciences  (Jamal Badawi) . 30A  Min
    The Quran On Astronomy  (Jamal Badawi) . 30A  Min




    Life & Character Of Malcolm  X!  (Siraj Wahhaj)            Part  2


    90A Min
    Muslims Dont Need Drugs!  (Siraj  Wahhaj)


    26A Min
    Who Are The Real Terroist? (Siraj Wahhaj)                    Part 2 


    45A Min
    Why Malcolm X Became A Real Muslim


    3A  Min
    Stand Up For Justice - (Siraj Wahhaj)                               Part  2 . 46A  Min
    The Last Sermon Of Muhammed (P.B.U.H)        (Audio)


    3V  Min
    The Disease Of The Heart - (Siraj Wahhaj)     Part 2 . 40A  Min
    The True Spirit Of Islam  (Hamza Yusuf) . 36V  Min




    Womens Rights & Roles In Islam (Debate)               Part 2


    53A  Min
    Problems Facing Muslim Women (Dawood Adib)      Part  2 . 85A  Min
    Why Muslim Women Cover (Siraj Wahhaj)                Part 2 


    40A  Min




    Glorious Quran! The Liberator - (Cat Stevens, Yusuf  Islam) . 60A  Min
    A Remarkable Journey: Hakim Alajuan & Muhammad Ali . 24A  Min
    Who Are The Real Terroist? (Siraj Wahhaj)                          Part 2 


    45A  Min
    A Journey To Mecca, Hajj . 20V  Min
    Muslim To Non-Muslim Relations  (Jamal Badawi) . 30A  Min
    Life & Character Of Malcolm  X!  (Siraj Wahhaj)                  Part  2


    90A  Min
    Why Cat Stevens Became a Muslim (Cat Stevents)              Part 2 


    70A  Min
    The Preparation For Prayer  (Jamal Badawi) . 30a  Min
    The Life Of The Last Prophet  (P.B.U.H) (Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam) . 31A  Min
    Islam & Christianity by Ahmed Deedat  

    Debates - Ahmed Deedat



          Christ in Islam (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

    112 Min

          Christ in Islam (Part 1)

    55 Min

          Christ in Islam (Part 2)

    28 Min

          Christ in Islam (Part 3)

    28 Min

          Crucification: Fact or Fiction (Parts 1 & 2)

    125 Min

          Is the Bible God's Word (Parts 1 & 2)

    126 Min


    Debates - Dr. Jamal Badawi

    Debate - The Qur'an - Word of God or Muhammed Dr. Jamal Badawi V.S. Dr. Anis Shorrosh
    (3 hours) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate - The Way to Salvation
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey lang; Dr. H. Morsi Anis (3 hours 27 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate - Basic Human Right as Viewed by Christianity and Islam
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. J, Pawlikowski (3 hours 51 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- Treatment of Minorities in Christianity and Islam
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. D. Bishop (2 hours) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- The Concept of God Part 1
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Dr. H. Morsi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Dr. P. Martison; Rev. Chastain (1 hour 33 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- The Concept of God Part 2
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Dr. H. Morsi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Dr. P. Martison; Rev. Chastain (1 hour 52 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video 1993



    Debate- God as Viewed in the Bible and the Qur'an
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. G. Archer; Dr. R. Douglas (3 hours 17 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- The Authenticity of the Bible
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. H. Morsi; Dr. G. Archer; Dr. R. Douglas
    (3 hours 10 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- The Authenticity of the Qur'an
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. H. Morsi; Dr. G. Archer; Dr. R. Douglas
    (2 hours 48 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- Is the Bible the Word of God?
    Dr. jaml Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Dr. H. Morsi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Rev. Chastain (2 hours 44 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- Is the Qur'an the Word of God?
    Dr. jaml Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Dr. H. Morsi; Imam S. Elsayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Rev. Chastain (3 hours 34 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- Is Muhammad a Prophet of God
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. H. Morsi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Imam Elsayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Dr. P Martison; Rev. Chastain (2 hours 22 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- Was Jesus Divine? or Was He a Prophet of God?
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. Jeffrey Lang; Dr. H. Morsi; Imam El-Sayed; Dr. D. Woodberry; Dr. H. Voglaar; Dr. P. Martison; Rev. Chastain (2 hours 12 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- The Cross and Salvation
    Author: Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. H. Morsi; Dr. G. Archer; Dr. R. Douglas
    (3 hours 3 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    Debate- The Divinity of Jesus
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Dr. Anis Shorrosh (3 hours 39 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video



    Debate- Treatment of Women in Christianity and Islam
    Dr. Jamal Badawi; Sr. Aysha Bey; Dr. Lois Livezey; Sr. Jean Hughes
    (2 hours 46 minutes) - Ghazali Islamic Video - 1993



    NOTE: Some files may not work due to server problems, please come back later and they should work Inshallah.


    The Best Islamic Software


    • The Koran (Qur'an) - Qur'an sound MP3, on 16 languages, reading animations, changing text Font and color, using various system Fonts, search engine, PRINT hole Qur'an on just a few papers. (from Yildun.com)
    • Islam - Qur'an on 16 languages, Hadiths(English only)- about prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), other islam databases, search engine, praying times, praying animations with all 5 fajr and sunnah, opening and saving searched data and more. (from Yildun.com)
    • The Arabic Tutor 2.1 Demo -This is a 16-bit demo
    • Prayer Times Program-Version 6.19 - GET THE SOUND FILES (Azhan files, and Quranic recitation files) TOO, otherwise you will not be able to hear the azhan. Get it more at: Muhaddith.org
    • Prayer times - Calculates prayer times for any location in the world, according to all the Islamic organizations.
    • Prayer Time Calculator - A dos program created by Dr Monzur Ahmed. Calculates prayer times & Qibla direction.
    • Qibla calculator - A windows program that calculates the posion of the Qibla in real time all over the world. Very easy program.
    • Prayer times 3.01 - This is the new update to above program(1998). Many new features including Athan and improved prayer table. This program is full & complete.
    • Hijri-Gregorian Converter - Convers Hijri dates to Gregorian and Gregorian to Hijri.
    • Moon Calculater - Dos program created by Dr Monzur Ahmed. Calculates and displayes positon of moon graphicly.
    • Quranic Media disk1 disk2 disk3
    • Arabic Vocabulary - May be you want to have the Arabic Vocabulary game available locally on your hard drive.
    • Arabic Sounds & Pictures - Is a program for children to learn Arabic the easy way and very quickly.
    • Quranic Media - A free program which provides you with Quranic verses on nature, space, foods & animals.
    • Al Muhaddith - Islamic Software, Islamic Books, Holy Quran Audio & Islamic Prayer Times Downloads with Online Search.
    • CyberSalat - A multimedia program that teaches young and new Muslims how to perform Islamic prayer. The program allows any of the daily Islamic prayers to be simulated on-screen.
    • PrayerMinder Online
    • Waktu Sembahyang
    • Menghitung Zakat Individu
    • Hajj Scene Videos
    • Kamus Islam


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    SalatTimes.zip 518 KB (zipped) less than 1min. Application file (.exe) 2001-06-15 Prayer calculator (different fiqhs) & lunar computations. Also provides qibla directions.

    Tafsir_Part2.zip 4.83 MB (zipped) 15 approx. MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-07-06 Continued- the tafsir of Ustadh Saleem Kayani of Surah Al-Naml, verses 59-73

    Tafsir_Part3.zip 5.51 MB (zipped) approx. 16min. MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-07-13 Continued- the tafsir of Ustadh Saleem Kayani of Surah Al-Naml, verses 59-73

    Colouring_Images.zip 266KB (zipped) less than 1min. MS Rich Text Format (.rtf) 2001-06-22 Beautiful collection of images & pictures ready for printing and used as a colouring sheet for chidren.

    Tafsir_Part1.zip 4.86 MB (zipped) 15 approx. MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-06-29 Ustadh Saleem Kayani presents a tafsir of Surah Al-Naml, verses 59-73

    Arabsp11.zip 7.54MB (zipped) 20 mins. Application file (.exe) 2001-06-07 Multimedia programme to teach children how to pronounce Arabic alphabets and words

    Surah_Rahman.zip 2.39 MB (zipped) approx. 10 mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 20001-09-29 Surah Al-Rahman. Recitation by Al-Ghamdi

    Surah_An-Naml.zip 6.61MB (zipped) approx. 20 mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-07-19 Recitation by Al-Ghamdi.

    Nasheeds.zip 8.21 MB approx. 25 mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-08-10 A selection of beautiful nasheeds for your personal home use

    Nasheeds2.zip 6.68MB approx. 20mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-08-24 A second selection of beautiful nasheeds for your personal home use

    Qaseeda_Burda.zip 9.08 MB approx. 30mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-08-31 A third selection of beautiful nasheeds for your personal home use

    Surah_yusuf.zip 9.04 MB approx. 23mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-10-19 Recitation by Al-Ghamdi

    Surah_Luqman.zip 2.66 MB approx. 9 mins MP3 sound file (.mp3) 2001-10-26 Recitation by Al-Ghamdi



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    Maliks Muwatta 0.8 MB 21/03/2002 Click Here



    The Hadith Software Version 1.0 (Freeware) 2.1 MB Click Here


     Download the English translation of Holy Quran (Self Extracting Archive: 276 Kb, Zip: 376 Kb)

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     Meanings of the Holy Qur’an (by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, PDF file: 840 Kb, Right click and save as...) [new]

     The Noble Quran - (English Translation) Software [Version 3.0] [updated] Click to download the new version 3.0 (Build 3.55) (file size: 2.05 MB)

     500 Ahadith (zip, size: 57Kb)

     Learn to pray (Salaat) MS Word document (800K)     Adobe Acrobat PDF (1Mb)                                                      ZIP Archived DOC file (500K) Long Version (Word) (1.1Mb)

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